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Metods for Manufacturing of Structures

Helical-hoop method for continuous winding of revolution shells, to be executed using machines developed at the Institute, has the wide range of possibilities in design of various patterns of laying a fibrous reinforcing material and provides the most complete realization of high strength in products.
Manufacture of complex geometric profile products on a special three-coordinate machine by radial-cross winding method allows material to be saved and reduces labor-intensiveness when making the products.
Winding of cylindrical structures in diameter up to 3000 mm and in length up to 9000 mm is carried out using program-controlled machines.
Highly productive 2500-ton capacity presses are used for manufacture of various products to be applied in electric-engineering industry, machine building and transport.
Manufacture of complex configuration products is carried out by contact-vacuum molding method.
Manufacture of structural foam blocks is carried out by method for filling of foam compositions into a mold of high-pressure filling machine.
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